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Power of Consciousness

Learn how to conquer obstacles

or limitations that are preventing you from achieving complete success in any area of your life.

The power of consciousness unites all living things. The life force that pulses through the universe charges Creation with incredible wisdom. Like water from a jug, although it takes the form of the different vessels into which it is poured, it remains a constant representation of its original nature. The Power of Consciousness project helps humanity connect with this essential energy by tapping into our spiritual imperative to evolve to greater understanding and an orderly and peaceful state of being.

Power of Consciousness engages in local and international education efforts led by teacher, author, and community leader Fatima El-Hindi, pioneer of the Maryam Method for self-empowerment. The first steps towards your greater self can be taken by cultivating the three virtues of Accountability, Acceptance, and Appreciation:


Accountability means taking responsibility for your actions and reactions. It requires a will to notice and keep track of your emotional experiences, flawed as they may be, and use this information to chart a course for change. In order for us to evolve, we must face our faults head-on.


A common misunderstanding of this word suggests that one must sit back and accept whatever hardships come along without putting up a fight. True acceptance, however, is far from being resigned to fate, nor does acceptance imply one must be content with one’s circumstances. Rather, acceptance is simply the ability to acknowledge a situation as it is in the present moment. At the same time, acceptance is not sitting back and letting life steamroll us or pass us by. Acceptance allows us to take stock of our surroundings and to take appropriate action.


Appreciation comes from understanding and enjoying every thing and every moment for the value it brings. When we recognize the value in an experience, especially when it is challenging, a unique optimism takes root and flourishes in our soul. Appreciation encourages us to protect and celebrate that which is good, and transform that which is not. Appreciation can be practiced at any moment, anywhere, and at any time. With appreciation in our hearts, we situate ourselves in a nexus of limitless gratitude. All possibilities open up to us, and the light of awareness is within sight. We stand ready and confident to face the tests of life.

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