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We are unwittingly born into this world with little more than our own innate human abilities and left to interpret the meaning of this miraculous experience. Religions, philosophies, gurus, metaphysicians and physicists all attempt to shed light on the human experience, each providing a window into our perceived reality. But, what if none of these torchbearers are on the right track? Or rather, what if all are on a similar track but our evolving human consciousness has not ripened to the point where humans are able to intuit the interconnectivity between seemingly disparate perspectives? Is it possible that this lack of understanding is preventing us from realizing the best version of ourselves, or even blocking us from identifying our unique purpose on Earth?Fatima El-Hindi has combined her broad experiences in the physical sciences with her passion for Islamic history and human consciousness to reconsider the traditional interpretation of the Qur’an. By linguistically analyzing the Qur’an, Fatima reveals the universality of its message, dispels common misinterpretations and passionately argues for the Qur’an as life’s preeminent guidebook. By combining seemingly heterogeneous sources of human knowledge (physics, human consciousness, biology and theology), Fatima highlights the common themes and draws out how these vastly different areas of study can be unified into a single understanding of the human condition. Leveraging this insight, Fatima then interweaves her own life experience and posits practical tools people can utilize to better navigate life’s complexities to achieve personal success, improve relationships and build stronger communities.

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