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Spiritual Life Counseling

You are a precious human, and your spiritual questions are valid. In our session, we will address any concerns you have in your life. You can bring questions about personal issues, family dynamics, romantic relationships, work life, spiritual practices, or anything else you would like to discuss. After accessing the root of the problem, I will help you establish new patterns to help you change for the better. I can also help you learn to use meditation to create the life you desire. Meditation comes in many forms, so we can customize your practice to suit your individual needs. You are capable of being your best self; let's reach for your potential!

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Call: (315) 440-8381


Quantum Healing

You can heal from within. Deep in our consciousness, we possess the keys to unlock buried physical and emotional distress and achieve full healing. I consulted many different conventional doctors who tried and failed to heal my (previous) autoimmune condition. After I was guided to heal myself with meditation and alternative medicine, I have enjoyed a clean bill of health. Now, as a certified quantum healing practitioner, I will guide you to the most appropriate time and place in your memory so you can release pent-up stress and move forward with physical healing. Our session includes a consciousness consultation, quantum healing regression, and post-talk.

To Book a Session

Call: (315) 440-8381


Testimonials from
Healing Sessions

For the privacy of our clients, we only use initials.

Fatima’s healing session provided me with mental and physical rejuvenation after a particularly rough period of my life. After years of being on anti-depressants, my session shed light on the root causes of my anxieties and additionally provided guidance in areas of my life I had been seeking clarity on. Although it’s too soon after my experience to determine whether I’m fully healed from my mental struggles, I can say I have regained my agency over my emotions and feel more balanced spiritually, physically, and emotionally. At a critical moment in life, my session with Fatima was invaluable in providing me with the necessary information and tools that have empowered me to make the necessary changes in my life moving forward.  ~ I.R.

Working with Fatima changed my life. When I suffered in some difficult life situations, she guided me to manage my various challenges with renewed confidence. Now I know how to choose the right path. I can be the woman I have always wanted to be! ~ E.S.

Working with Fatima was amazing! I felt completely safe being guided and her voice was so soothing. She was able to uncover blocks that I didn't know were there. The next few days after the sessions were interesting. I felt a calm clarity that seems to remain and trust in my body. I can't thank her enough. Thank you so much for the work that you do! ~ A.B.

From an early age I experienced distance in my relationships. I have chased feelings of validation, often leading to the belief that I was inadequate. Into my adult life I engaged with therapists, read self-help books and opened my views of spirituality. 


I often find it difficult to meditate, or open myself to vulnerability. But, I approached the healing session with an open mind. I was compelled to experience a moment of peace, where I could disconnect from the physical. 


I approach most situations with skepticism, but found that this session truly eased my worries and concerns. The pre-brief opened old wounds, but allowed me to be honest and clear with my intentions to heal. The guided meditation was a result of the questions I wanted answers to. And surprisingly, I did disconnect. I felt a sense of relief during the meditation. I truly had quite and peace in my headspace, but wasn’t cognizant of what would happen once we connected with my “higher self”.


I wouldn’t have believed the content of the conversation if it was not recorded; the answers to the guided questions were not my own. I don’t recall thinking or being cognizant of the answers my physical self was sharing. It felt like my body was floating, my head was almost static- for a moment it was almost as if I was not in the physical world. 


Healing is not linear, but I recommend engaging in this session to find a starting point. The power of healing comes from the intentional practice of seeking inner peace. You won’t regret it. ~ S.O.

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