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Naysayers vs. Universal Truth


30. And the Messenger said, “My Rabb, indeed my folk have taken this Qur’an disregarded.”


26. And those who covered the truth said, “Do not listen to this Qur’an, and talk idly of it, so that you may prevail.”


32. They want to extinguish Allah’s light by their mouths, but Allah refuses except to complete Its light, even though the truth-coverers disliked it.

33. It is It who sent Its Messenger with the guidance and the system of truth, in order to make it appear over all systems, even though those who make partners disliked it.


25. Truly, We certainly sent Our messengers with the clear proofs, and We descended with them the Book and the Balance, that people may establish equitability.

Since Muhammad began bringing the message of the Qur’an to his community, there have been those who dismissed or argued against it. Verse 30 of Chapter 46 (al-Ahqaf) shares Muhammad’s remarks that his folk disregarded the calling of the Qur’an, and Chapter 41 (Fussilat) verse 26 further states that the people who denied the Qur’an came up with a new strategy: not just not listen to it, but also talk deceptively about it. While no one could change the original words of the Qur’an, dissenters interpreted verses through hadith (sayings about or attributed to Muhammad, whether true or false) and other hearsay, allowing them to reflect any meaning they chose without integrity with the original text.

Even so, no matter how these contrary folk who cover the truth and those who partner with them have tried to dim or extinguish the light of the Qur’an, its universal call to peace and justice has resisted all attempts. This is because the message of the Qur’an does not differ from those of all other messengers sent to earth throughout history: through establishing a comprehensive social justice system, equitability and peace will prevail, as shown in Chapter 57 (al-Hadid) verse 25 and Chapter 5 (al-Ma’ida) 32-33.

The number of challenges the Qur’an has faced over the centuries does not take away from the power of its content. On the contrary, the measure of fear and ego driving such resistance to a message of peace and balance only highlights our human need for a clear system of justice that allows us all to live in a fair and loving world.

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