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Stay in Harmony


16. Is it not the moment for those who believed to humble their hearts to the remembrance of Allah and what descended of the truth, and not be like those who were given the Book previously, but the duration extended for them, so their hearts hardened, and many of them are out of harmony?

The above verse calls to those who feel secure within themselves and believe that there exists a higher force or intelligence possessing the ultimate universal blueprint. It asks people to sustain their connection to their Source by remembering It and what truths people have downloaded from Source, such as through scriptural revelations. At the same time, this verse also asks people to avoid being like those who received messages of universal truth but were not able to process them due to “hardened” hearts. Being hard-hearted, or enraptured by the illusion of the Separate Self, puts a person out of harmony with Source, and drives them far from natural love and compassion. Following the temptation of ego will allow a person to slip far from their authentic self, which originates from and so is made of Source, of Unconditional Love.

Our connection to Source and concurrent ability to make our own conscious choices renders us like small boats tethered to a larger ship with ropes. To keep moving forward on our journey, it would be good for us to stay alert and keep our lines taut and fresh. If we let them go slack, or let the ropes fray, we risk drifting away from what gives us a secure place and path on the ocean of life. It is better not to reserve our interactions with the Qur’an merely for holidays or funeral services. Instead, we should actively engage with it as a life manual. We must dig into its truths, and question the interpretations of its messages which do not echo the primary call to Love. It behooves us also to observe the experiences of those who have walked before us to help us avoid ego-driven detours, to ensure we remain aligned with our true purpose, and in harmony with all.

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