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Triple D for Balance in Relationships

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Life exists in relationships. To be successful in life, we should work on establishing and maintaining successful relationships. Relationships, being mutual, require balance in give and take. We need to have a sense for what to let go of (Detachment), what to hang on to (Devotion), and how to keep going despite difficulty (Determination).

Detachment is letting go, not insisting on clinging to that which does not serve us. Here are seven things we should detach ourselves from. You can choose a day of the week to practice each one, until you can release them consistently:

  • Let go of identifying yourself based on your religion, culture, and race.

  • Let go of identifying yourself based on your achievements and reputation (good or bad). Reputation is not located in you, but resides in the mind of others, so avoid allowing your self-concept to be dependent on whom others perceive you to be.

  • Let go of how you compare to others, and any need to be seen as better than others.

  • Let go of the need to be recognized by others. The less you need to take credit for your work the more you stay connected to God/Source. Then you become free to achieve with peace, compassion, and love.

  • Let go of the need to be right, and allow yourself to learn and expand your perspective.

  • Let go of the illusion that feeling offended serves a higher purpose. Release your negative emotions to make room for positive ones.

  • Let go of dreams you have not yet fulfilled. Be grateful for the experiences, abilities, and blessings you already have.

Devotion is the commitment to love. We can be devoted to a deity, to a sports team, to a TV show, to our families. Devotion means consistently showing up in support, through good times and bad. It means holding something or someone in your heart, cherishing it, and consciously directing your actions to create positive results for the object of devotion. Devotion is grown through repeated, deliberate action conducted with love. Love in a relationship cannot be cultivated spontaneously or learned academically. You will only find true love by actively engaging in relationships. In order to experience love in a relationship, you must choose to put yourself fully into working on this relationship with consistent and sincere effort.

Determination is a key factor in maximizing the results of our brief human experiences. Determination is working with strong intention, a primary source of power for energy beings like ourselves. Putting energy into intention creates vibrations that propel us towards a desired situation. In order to achieve your goals, you must maintain your focus on your own intention. Do not allow others to derail your journey. If you work unflaggingly towards your own goals, step by step, you will not be deterred from achieving them.

Your existence in this life is as a temporary expression of consciousness. The same applies to all other elements of creation, human and non-human. Allow yourself to observe the interactions between these elements and use your experience to learn and grow as an individual. If you balance your attention between what deserves to receive your intentional effort and what will benefit from release, you successfully interact with the other consciousnesses around you. You have success in your relationships. You have success in your life.

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