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Triple G for Contentment

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

You are a farmer. You have lost everything in a natural disaster. All you have left is the land, however ravaged, and one seed. Just one. But you know the power of this potential. Grateful for the possibility, placing your faith in the miracle of the unknown, you tuck it into the soil. You give it water, and time. Soon enough, it sends forth its first jade tendrils, and then its sturdy stalk. By and by, you harvest fruit and seeds. Back to the beginning, you sow, and tend, and reap. And soon, your hands are full, your arms overflowing with bounty. All of this you owe to the one seed, a vessel for your gratitude and awareness that quickened the sustaining life you enjoy today. Without thankfulness and knowledge, you may have cast aside what appears to be an insignificant thing. But with appreciation in your heart, you were able to overcome the obstacles and give the future a chance. With determination to share what you had, however little, you smoothed the road to an easier tomorrow. And in the end, you grew success.

So it is with our hearts. A man can be materially wealthy well-beyond average, and feel his life is lacking. Or, you can be barely able to offer guests clean water and coarse, homemade bread, but you do so with honor and sacrament, and for this it tastes all the sweeter, seems all the more sustaining. When we feel grateful for our blessings, however small, our excitement to celebrate “little things” easily infects those around us with positivity and delight, spreading happiness and love. It is true that “the more you give, the more you get.” As we raise the vibration of our hearts and of those around us, we grow in courage and resiliency, and feel the pulse of abundance more in tune with our own hearts. Grateful, again, for our experience of provision, we step up a level in our celebration, our sharing, our strength. Our gratitude, giving, and growth become a self-perpetuating cycle of celebration and success built not on having, but on being.

Tune in to the presence and potentials around you in your life. Take advantage of your opportunities to extend what blessings you can share to those around you. Recognize the room to grow. Become your better life.

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