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Triple P for Progress

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

What gets you out of bed in the morning? Ideally, the answer is something more nuanced than "my alarm clock." When we have a fire under our feet, we are delighted to dance through life and face whatever comes.


"Find your passion." "Follow your passion." "Live your passion." Often these alone are easier said than done. Even more, it can feel that our passion eludes us--do we like this, or are we passionate about it? When something becomes a true passion, though, the emotion is unmistakable. Passion is a feeling so strong that it can propel you through anything. When you are passionate about something, it fills you with even more energy than it takes to do it. When your passion is also your job, come Friday evening, you are not desperately trying to escape work for the weekend--you are excited for what new prospects tomorrow will bring. Passion is the exciting feeling of commitment to what keeps us going, because it feeds our souls.


Passion propels us to do more. Feeling excited, curious, inspired, and energized unlocks abilities we might not have known we had. Infused with passion, we become Supermen and Wonder Women, ready to rise and meet any challenge with the best of our abilities and a steady willingness to learn and grow. Passion charges us up and says, "Go forward. You've got this."


Our purpose is the reason why we believe we are here on earth. It is a life goal beyond perpetuating our species. Sometimes we plan our purpose, and someone our purpose finds us; either way, if you do not claim your purpose, you risk getting trapped helping others fulfill theirs. Of course, helping others is part of what life is all about, but doing so at the exclusion of reaching your own goals will not help your own soul evolve. Know your purpose, and you will set yourself on missions directing you towards accomplishing the greater goal. Set on this productive path, your commitment will grow stronger, and your output will be of higher quality. When you are fueled by passion, nothing stands in your way that you cannot brush aside. You realize your purpose, and your soul is at peace.

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