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Program Descriptions


Triple C : FREE Triple C celebrates our Consciousness Community Connections. Join us to explore and strengthen our Consciousness Community Connections. Engage with others interested in expanding individual and collective contact with Source Energy. Share in live meditation to maintain your focus on your personal journey. Tap into the collective intentionality to shift awareness and enhance the power of your consciousness to achieve positive change in your life. Stay for Q&A with Fatima El-Hindi, author of "The Universal Call: A Journey to Consciousness" (available on Amazon).


Workshop : Are you ready to welcome positive change? Join us in a workshop circle to learn more about the topic of the day. Each workshop focuses on a different theme highlighting various powers of consciousness and includes learning, discussion, and a guided meditation. Expand your knowledge by drawing from various spiritual traditions, cutting-edge scientific research, and the quantum physics perspective. Equipped with new understanding, you will strengthen your resolve to make the life of your dreams an everyday reality.


Individual Sessions : For individual spiritual counseling or quantum healing work, please click here for more information. Let's work together to promote your success.

Workshops Coming Soon...

MARYAM Method for Letting Go - LIVE course, including guided meditation!

This class is designed to end suffering on every level. It is inspired by the life of Maryam (Mary), the mother of ‘Isa (Jesus). The MARYAM Method was developed by the instructor, Fatima El-Hindi, as she experienced it herself throughout her life journey as it taught her to let go of all fears, take control of her own life, and trust in a peaceful future.

Akashic Records (Book of Life) - LIVE course!

Work with your higher self to read your very own Book of Life. Tapping into your own spiritual records allows you to investigate the past and possible future. Understand patterns, explore possibilities, and unleash your limitless potential for success and joy.
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